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Erasmus guide to healthcare

Getting sick in a foreign country without your friends or family nearby can be a nightmare, especially when you might not know the language or the culture. As an international student, the adventure of studying in a foreign country is incredibly exciting. But don't fret! This guide is here to help you find a family doctor in Estonia. It's about ensuring your health is in good hands so you can enjoy every moment of your journey.

Choosing Your Family Doctor

  • Explore the List: Visit this website to find a list of family doctors. Ensure they are within the same area or county as your address. You can find the list here: EHIF Doctors List.

  • Language Flexibility: While English-speaking family doctors are available, not all of them speak English. Many do, but if you encounter one who doesn't, don't worry! You can choose another doctor or continue in Estonian, and it's an excellent chance to immerse yourself in the local culture.

Registering with Your Family Doctor

  • Get the Application: To register, submit a signed application, known as "Avaldus perearsti nimistusse registreerimiseks.” You can usually find these forms in Estonian, but you can easily complete them with Google Translate.

  • Submitting the Application: You can sign the forms digitally via the Digidoc4 client if you plan to send them via email to the doctor or clinic. Alternatively, you can submit them in person at the nearest clinic. However, acceptance depends on the availability of slots for that specific hospital.

  • Approval Time: After submitting the application, you'll typically receive an approval email within 7-10 days. If you applied at a hospital, expect a phone call about your application status.

Alternative Health Options

While you wait, consider alternative online health options such as, a subscription-based service for consultations in English, Estonian, and Russian. Private clinics like Qvalitas and Confido are also available. Note that these services are not covered by national health insurance and require payment.

Emergency Services

For emergencies, dial 112 or go to the nearest emergency room.

You're all set! Don’t wait until the end to get a family doctor. Be proactive and smart, unlike me! :D


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