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From student to student: how to successfully apply for a scholarship?

The purpose of this fund is to boost students' motivation to learn and support academic staff at Tallinn University of Technology. Graduates and research development workers with ambitious visions contribute significantly to the growth of the Estonian economy.

You can apply for this scholarship twice a year, in spring and autumn. The deadline for applications this semester is October 24th.

Here are some key points to remember when applying:

  • Write a motivation letter for each scholarship, specifically addressing the company.

  • When submitting your application and documents, make sure the files are named correctly.

  • Digitally sign all documents when submitting your application.

  • You can submit up to three different scholarship applications.

Naatan Johannes Bender, who has successfully received this scholarship twice, shares a few tips based on his experience:

Naatan Johannes Bender

To all you students out there, here are five pieces of advice for your scholarship applications:

  1. Start the application process early. This gives you time to think about your essay topic and request your grade sheet and a letter of support from the dean's office.

  2. Remember, the letter of support doesn't have to come from a lecturer; a student organization president can write a great one too.

  3. Highlight your involvement in student life on your CV or in your motto. Being an active student is appealing to employers and can sometimes matter more than your GPA.

  4. Writing a cover letter can be challenging, but it's easier than most homework 😉. Share your work or internship experiences, involvement in student activities, workshops, and projects you've contributed to. Keep it concise.

  5. Most importantly, don't give up without trying! Choose a scholarship that aligns with your field or faculty and go for it.

You can find more experience stories from scholarship sponsors and recipients on the Fund's website. The deadline for applications is October 24th. Check it out here!


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