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Meet the Student Parliament candidates!

The Student Parliament elections are in full swing!

Until March 22, every TalTech student has the opportunity to vote for one of their faculty's candidates! With so many great candidates to choose from, making your decision is not easy.

If you are still struggling to make a choice, here is a chance to learn more about all the candidates!

Once you have decided who you’re going to vote for, the process is very simple:

  1. Log into the Student Portal with your uni-id

  2. Click on the blue button “Vote here”

  3. Now your ElectionBuddy ballot will open

  4. Select one of the candidates or “did not find a suitable candidate”

  5. Submit your ballot

  6. Done!

NB! Once the ballot has been submitted, the vote cannot be changed.

School of Engineering

Iko-Eerik Uustalu:

“I have studied Robotics, Physics, and Data Science. Now I am completing my master's in Industrial Engineering and Management so that I can put theory into practice.

I have studied at three different universities, in three different cities, and in two different countries. In addition, I have travelled to the campuses of various top universities in the USA, visited lectures there, and gotten to learn about their academic and social lives.

Through this, I have gained a comprehensive overview of different universities and my thoughts on my experiences have been published in Õpetajate Leht

Carolin Tõntsu:

“I am a passionate and active student, who has been involved in making school life more interesting at different levels of education since 5th grade. In the one-and-a-half years since I started my university studies, I have contributed in many ways to various organizations and the Student Council of the School of Engineering (INSÜK). I have been a project manager at both ESTIEM and INSÜK and have actively contributed to the Culture Club as a project coordinator. I value teamwork and would like to contribute my experience and knowledge to make the work of the Student Parliament more visible to all students. Through the Student Parliament, I want to create an even playing field for all student activists and bring the students’ voices closer to decision-makers. I always do my work with an optimistic commitment. This is why I am appreciated both professionally and by other students”

Kristiina Tammik:

“I have been a student activist for 4 years. It started in high school when I helped organize labs for kids and really enjoyed it. I have set myself the goal that I will finish all the activities I start and put my heart into them. I always do my best to get things done as thoroughly as possible. It doesn't matter if it's a field I'm familiar with or not, I always have new thoughts and ideas. I am very open to other people's ideas and happily listen to different thoughts on how to improve student life. With consistency, I will do my best to implement them.”

Birgit Russka:

“I am Birgit Russka, a 4th-year architecture student. My hobbies are orienteering and student activism. I got started with student activism already in the first year of my studies when I took part in the tutoring program. Now I have been working as a tutor for 3 years.

However, just being a tutor was not enough for me, so in my second year I joined the Student Council of the School of Engineering - INSÜK. I thought that the best way to get started was to join a project organizing team. That is exactly what I did. At first, I joined the construction conference BuildIT organizational team and after that, I was a part of the “Inseneritudengid Soojakus” team for two years in a row. After that, I felt confident enough to take on the position of project manager for “Sport x Teadus” and “Insneride 5 Võistlus” events. My sporty lifestyle made me pick up the position of sports coordinator on the board of staff at INSÜK. A year later, I applied and got elected to the board as Vice-Chairman of External Events.

After taking on the position, I understood how important support from the Student Union is for the project organizing teams of student organizations. I would like to run for Student Parliament to ensure that no project will remain undone simply due to the lack of funding”

Anet Marii Paumets:

I am a second-year student of electrical power engineering and mechatronics at the TalTech School of Engineering. I have been an active member of the student organization BEST-Estonia for two years now. I am also a member at the Student Council of the School of Engineering (INSÜK). I have organized and contributed to a wide variety of projects in both organizations. Also I have actively contributed to BEST-Estonia as a mentor. I would like to actively contribute to student life Through the Student Parliament. Contribute to the development of the university and the student body through innovative ideas. And to make sure that everyone feels like their interests are represented.

Madis Hendrik Muru:

“I am Madis Hendrik Muru and I am studying product development and robotics. I started with student activism as soon as I entered the university when I joined the Student Council of the School of Engineering. Within half a year, I was elected to the board, where I have been active for almost five months now. I am running for the Student Parliament because I want to understand the function of the body and convey it`s content to others. In my eyes, the Student Parliament must be a place where you can stand up for the opinions and well-being of students. Since I have been at the university for less than a year, old habits and customs are not set in stone yet, and I can see problems with fresh eyes. I am very active and full of energy to deal with the realisation of all the new proposed ideas.”

School of Information Technologies

Karoliina Rebane:

“Education, mental health, and sustainable development are topics that hold the most significance to me. I have noticed areas for improvement at the university and I aspire to create more opportunities for students, ensuring a brighter future and promoting mental well-being.

It is essential that we educate students to think for themselves. Unfortunately, current teaching methodologies do not always foster this skill. Therefore, it is crucial to advocate for a higher standard of education and to attentively listen to the issues students are facing. I consider it the role of a student representative to give a voice to students' concerns and to ensure that their opinions are heard.”

Ragnar Kramm:

“Hi! I'm a student on the IT systems development curriculum, a full-time developer and a part-time basketball player. As a person, I am always optimistic and have a can-do attitude. When communicating, I am concrete and always consider the opinion of all parties when solving problems. I don't stick to my own opinions, but believe that the best solution can only be found through free discussion and unfiltered self-expression. I like to work in a team and I am also comfortable in a leadership role, should the need arise.”

Eliise Marta Einpaul:

“I am Eliise, a second-year business information technology bachelor’s student, and I consider myself to be an active person with a variety of interests. In addition to being a fan of IT and math, I am passionate about Estonian grammar, psychology and choir singing. I do yoga in the mornings, seize every opportunity to travel and am always on the lookout for new and interesting challenges to grow. Throughout my time at the university, I have also been active in student life: as a member of the Student Council of the School of IT, I have gained valuable experience in organising different projects, for example, I was the marketing manager of the IT career day last autumn. I have also been part of the Education Quality Working Group of TalTech Student Union for two semesters now, where we analyze feedback comments given by students in ÕIS and compose summaries of them for program managers and heads of institutes. The quality of education and feedback culture at TalTech have become topics close to my heart and my ideas related to their development and the desire to implement them motivated me to apply for the Student Parliament.”

Tsun Sing Jason Fong:

"Dear friends,

One of the challenges we face is dealing with mental health on our own. The weight of these struggles can feel like a burden, and it can be difficult to find a way out of the darkness.

As someone who supports people around me and has dealt with a fair share of mental health challenges, I know how important it is to prioritize our well-being.

As your representative, I aim to build a program for mental health so that no one is left out and we can support each other. Vote for me and let's create an uplifting community on campus."

School of Science

Jan-Erik Vaher:

"I’m a second-year bachelor`s student studying Earth systems, climate and technology and I’ve decided to take part in this year's Student Parliament elections. My goal is to represent the interests of all science department students. I have previous experience as a council member in a non-profit organization that would carry over to this position. I currently do advertising for the Earth systems, climate and technology programme and I try to take part in student life as much as I can. In the Student Parliament, I want to bring up the topics of increasing scholarships and creating a more coherent system of information sharing for students that are taking part in advertising their study programmes."

Daniel Nurme:

"I am a second-year student of applied physics. I love astronomy and do astrophotography as a hobby. I have made students' lives more colourful by enriching them with cultural events and conducted astronomy evenings where I introduced students to the night sky with a telescope."

Diana Maslova:

“I'm a third-year Applied Chemistry and Gene Technology student. In my first year, I specialised in Applied Chemistry and committed to the popularisation of chemistry. I am active in the Student Council of the School of Science of Tallinn University of Technology, where I am currently an active member and a member of the marketing team. I’m also a member of the Student Union, where I contribute to student life as a Coordinator of Marketing. I’m very open-minded and friendly, I also like to help younger students with school-related issues. I would like to be part of the Student Parliament because I want to contribute as much as possible to the student body and encourage others to do the same. I aim to support the School of Science, to speak out on various issues concerning the university and share my ideas and thoughts.”

Anna Jürissaar:

“My name is Anna Jürissaar and I am a 2nd-year student of Applied Chemistry, Food and Gene Technology. Student activism is close to my heart and I want to seize every opportunity to contribute to the development of myself and the university and make my time at university exciting. Thanks to various experiences, as a representative I can see the bigger picture and see things from different angles. I dare to express my opinion and stand up for the students of my faculty. I am very curious and open to new opinions and ideas. I want to contribute to making TalTech better and I want every student to feel valued, important and welcome.”

School of Business and Governance

Villy Tammer:

“Hi! I'm Villy and I’m a freshman at Taltech. I am very active outside of school. I am an entrepreneur. Also, I do sports and have a lot of hobbies. I'm very open to new challenges. My motto is "If you don't try, you can't find out." I`m applying to the Student Parliament to gain new experiences in the students’ highest decision-making organization to learn to take on even more responsibility. I want to contribute to making life at the university even better for everyone.”

Ana Koiava:

“I am Ana Koiava from Georgia, currently studying in the Master's program in Law at TalTech. During my studies at Tbilisi State University, I was highly involved in different activities, such as law courses, public lectures, discussions, and summer schools. Since 2018, I have been an active member of the European Law Students` Association (ELSA) Georgia.

Being part of the Student Parliament is a great honour, and responsibility as well. I desire to make our university a better place where students can not only care about their studies but also have a good university life, with a lot of opportunities and interesting events.”

Johannes-Emmanuel Allas:

“I'm a first-year student studying public administration and government. I am an active citizen who stands for a better future! In my first year, I managed to become a project leader and also run an event. In three words I am positive, cheerful and determined!”

Daniel Aasorg:

"I am an ambitious and active second-year student of the School of Business and Governance, who contributes to the activities of two student organizations on a daily basis. I would describe myself as an open communicator and an engaging and determined student activist. In my free time, I like to do sports, you can mainly see me in the gym, but I have also been involved in swimming and basketball in the past. Besides that, I like to learn new things from different fields and gain new experiences. I have been an active member of the Student Council of the School of Business and Governance since the beginning of my studies and I am also the chairman of the board of the Marketing Club. In addition, I contribute to several other projects of student organizations, because it is very interesting to me and it is always good to make new acquaintances."

Estonian Maritime Academy

Alex Mathias Vilberg:

"I'm Alex Mathias, I'm 20 years old and I'm from Viljandi. I love my hometown very much and spend as much time there as possible. I moved to Tallinn only in the autumn of last year. Apart from school, I am constantly engaged in self-development in various ways. I find something new to learn everywhere. I love cooking and many of my friends know me as a big gourmet. For years I spent more time in the garage than at home. I am constantly looking for opportunities to do something new and interesting there. I am also a very social person and very happy to spend my free time with friends."

Anette-Marie Sults:

“I'm a third-year logistics student from the Maritime Academy (EMERA), who wants to take 100% of my university years and create awesome friendships and memories worth telling!

In student organizations, I contribute to the EMERA student association, BEST-Estonia and the Culture Club, thanks to which I've gained invaluable experience in project management and how an organization works in general. I also represent the students of my faculty in the Student Council of EMERA and I belong to the Academic Committee of the current Student Parliament, where I'm still learning something new every day.

I'd like to continue this journey to help improve the quality of education, raise important topics, and encourage others to step out of their comfort zone so their university experience would be more memorable too!”

Helene-Armilde Kudre:

"I study at the Estonian Maritime Academy (EMERA) and am a second-year student majoring in waterway and safety management. I belong to the EMERA student association and actively take part in the school's activities. I am also involved in representing the Maritime Academy and my major at educational fairs and visits to schools.

By being elected to the TalTech Student Parliament, my main focus would be to improve the quality of education received. The goal is that lecturers can effectively pass on their knowledge and that students can receive it.

Why should you vote for me?

I care about EMERA students and want to be a voice that represents them. I am ready to listen, understand, talk along, and act on behalf of the interests of EMERA students."

Karl Maarek Kokser:

"I am Karl Maarek Kokser, 19 years old, ship mechanic cadet of the Estonian Maritime Academy, and member of the Student Council of the Maritime Academy. For most of my life, I have been involved in sports: football, basketball, wrestling, and strength training. Thanks to playing sports, I have good teamwork skills. I am interested in gaining knowledge and learning new skills, therefore I am constantly trying to learn new things and gain new experiences. By running for the Student Parliament, I hope to make my experience as well as that of my fellow cadets and students in this long period both memorable and useful in terms of gaining knowledge. For this, it is necessary to find and solve the problems that concern students the most. Everyone's well-being, thoughts and opinions are important, they must be listened to and taken into account - that's what I intend to do."

Rudolf Bellen:

“My name is Rudolf Bellen, a first-year student at Estonian Maritime Academy studying navigation. Since the first days of my studies, I have been involved in the school's Student Council, contributed to organising different events and evolved myself through it. As a member of the Student Parliament, I would be motivated to invest in the development of student life and finding solutions for problems. I wish to promote tutorism and pay attention to physical, as well as mental health. I will not give up until I have managed to bring to bring a sparkle to every student’s eyes and give them a positive attitude so that looking back on their student days after graduation it will bring back wonderful memories!”


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