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Sporting opportunities in TalTech

In addition to leading in science, technology, and innovation, TalTech also offers a variety of sports opportunities for students. Being physically active provides a change from academic studies and enriches the overall university experience. Participating in sport events and competitions helps develop several skills such as teamwork, time management, and dealing with wins and losses.

At TalTech's campus, students can use the basketball and volleyball courts. The outdoor gym with various equipment for training different muscles. Enthusiasts of running and walking can enjoy the pleasant forest trails in Sütiste-Nõmme-Harku.

Moreover, students have an excellent opportunity to attend training sessions at the university's own sports club, located just a few minutes' walk from the main building. TalTech Sports Club offers a wide range of guided workouts as well as the opportunity to engage in independent sports. You can choose from activities like volleyball, basketball, football, tennis, badminton, table tennis, gym workouts, running tracks, and group exercises – continue with a familiar sport or try something completely new!

To encourage and motivate students to use these sports facilities, TalTech Sports Club offers the opportunity to accumulate ECTS credits for participating in sports activities, and it's completely free! All you need to do is declare the course "Foundations of Physical Activities MK 3001 / MK 3002," which will earn you 3 ECTS credits in the open study module. By completing both the fall and spring courses, you can accumulate a total of 6 ECTS credits and, even more excitingly, get the chance to train at TalTech Sports Club for free throughout your studies! More information about the course can be found HERE.

TalTech Student Union's sports team, in collaboration with TalTech Sports Club, brings students several exciting sports events every month! The biggest sports project is the revived Rector's Cup from the previous academic year. Historically, the Rector's Cup has been a very important and popular competition series that brought together students, staff, and alumni to engage in fierce battles in various sports while representing their faculties. Starting this year, TalTech is also launching a training evening project aimed at providing the opportunity to try different sports for complete beginners interested in fitness. All sports events are gathered on the fresh TalTech Student Sports Facebook page, which is worth keeping an eye on! For any questions, you can always contact the indoor sports coordinator at

Outside the familiar campus, the Estonian Academic Sports Federation (ESL) also organizes various sports events for students throughout the year. Notable among them are the YliSports Triple Series, in which students from different universities can compete against each other: YliPall, Student Winter Games, and Student Summer Games. This year, nearly 1500 students, including 450 from TalTech, participated in the event. The last Summer Games were special because, after a five-year drought, the victory returned to TalTech! More information about the sports trio can be found here. In addition, ESL hosts monthly student championships in both team and individual sports. More information about these can be found on the ESL website and from the sports coordinator at

If you choose sports for relaxation and self-improvement during your studies, we'll definitely see you at practice or at one of the sports events soon!

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