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What kind of support does the counseling center offer to students?

Where to find help when it's emotionally challenging? University-level mathematics can be headache-inducing, and you can't manage it alone? You have a question but don't know where to find the answer? In room U04-104, you'll find the answers to all your questions because that's where the counseling center is located.

In the counseling center, you'll meet professionals in their field, psychologists, and fellow students. During orientation week, you've already become familiar with your tutors, and you should ask them for help as soon as possible. But if the answer isn't sufficient or you want to talk to someone else, the counseling center has student counselors available every day to help with simpler questions.

Furthermore, there is peer-to-peer tutoring available in mathematics and physics. The counseling service is intended for undergraduate and engineering students. Each student has their introduction and details about how they can help. Choose a suitable advisor and book an appointment. Counseling sessions last up to 45 minutes and can be conducted both in person and online.

If you're unsure about your career path or if your chosen field of study is the right fit, you can book an appointment with a career counselor. You are the expert in setting your life and career goals and managing yourself. However, a TalTech career counselor can assist you in the process of career planning and development. To book a counseling session, please email

The counseling center also psychologist Kadri. You can contact her if you have concerns such as uncertainty, excessive worrying, lack of motivation, communication and relationship problems, adjustment issues, difficulty coping with demands, unexpected life events (crisis, grief), difficulties in decision-making or time management. Psychologists ensure confidentiality and their services are free of charge. You can book an appointment via email,

In addition to all of the above, there is also a counselor for students with special needs, and the counseling center's website contains many frequently asked questions. Be sure to keep an eye on the website to support your mental health alongside your studies to the fullest.

October is Mental Health Month, so keep your eyes and ears open as there will be many mental health events organized by the student council in cooperation with the counseling center.


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