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With winter coming, it is important to save and be economical

In many organizations and in society, there is an ongoing discussion about efficient energy consumption.

In his anniversary speech, TalTech rector Tiit Land already called for the university family to stay together, both literally and figuratively: "Staying together has a completely different side in the near future or even in the next few years. As a university, that means me and you as employees and students, we have to find the will and opportunities to survive economically and politically difficult times as painlessly as possible. Including saving up in the easiest way."

He added: “Let’s always turn off the light when we don't need electric light at the moment. Let’s close the tap when the water does not need to flow. Let’s save energy intended for ventilation and room heating. No, of course we cannot work and study in dim light, stuffy air or with freezing fingers. But the university buildings have a lot of square meters, there are a lot of employees and students in these buildings. Every square meter counts, everyone's thought and deed counts."

Real estate development director Riina Uska confirmed that the indoor temperature at the university was lowered by two degrees starting this fall. The temperature of the buildings is between 19 and 21 degrees. Since the buildings of the Technical University are different and some (old ones) are difficult to control, it is difficult to maintain the exact temperature.

Regarding the air temperature of vivarium and other special rooms, distinctions are made according to the requirements of the room.

Speaking about electricity, Uska emphasized that the external additional and decorative lighting of the Mustamäe campus has been turned off, and the interior lighting of the buildings is also regulated. "My message to our people is that we behave as frugally as we do at home. I believe that awareness of this will affect TalTech's energy cost savings," hopes Uska, adding that today the university is not planning to close buildings, nor remote work or learning.

In the university, as in many other large organizations, this year the heating costs exceed the budgeted costs by 55%, i.e. by one million. This number could have been higher, but the university managed to save money on heating costs when we switched to the Utilitas central heating network in the spring. Before, TalTech's Mustamäe campus was heated by the university's own gas boiler house.

The situation with electricity costs is even more serious - compared to what was planned in the budget, the cost overrun is 3 million euros, which is 150% higher than what was planned in the budget.

The real estate department asks you to immediately report rooms where the air temperature may be below 19 degrees by writing to


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