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Vache Kakhoidze: “We are the voice of students”

There’s still time to candidate for Student Parliament. This time we interviewed an international student Vache Kakhoidze who is from Georgia and is studying integrated engineering. Vache is elected to Student Parliament from the School of Engineering. We talked to him to get to know a bit more about himself and why should an international student run for the elections and what the work in Student Parliament will look like.

When did you first hear about Estonia? What have you enjoyed most about Estonia? What has been the weird side of Estonia or Estonians?

First time I heard about Estonia was in Geography book, there was a special page only about Estonia. And the point was so we were post soviet country and Estonia was post soviet country. But this what they have done, and this how we are dealing with the same situation.

I would say I enjoy Estonia because it feels like a start up country. It’s a small country with some big major ideas and it feels like that in the next 10 years it keeps on developing while the major countries will stay sort of the current levels.

I understand that you’re not so social, you’re not so outgoing or extraverted as some other nationalities but I’m sort of used to that. But the weird side of Estonia for me was that you are so comfortable being naked around each other (Going to sauna).

Why did you decide to come to study Estonia and TalTech?

Overall I think Estonia is some kind of mix between Nordic cultures, some German cultures and Eastern European cultures. Estonia and Georgia were both part of the Soviet Union and therefore it sort of feels like more closer to home but at the same time it’s different so it’s like the perfect balance.

I chose TalTech because it’s best technology university. And the fact I was going to be in Estonia that sort of aided the whole thing. But the course itself , integrated engineering they’re offering, it’s so vast, for example you’ll be doing strength of materials and programming in the same semester. And as I wanted to study a bit of everything then it was the best choice for me.

When and Why did you decide to join with the Student Parliament?

Last year about this time I read Facebook advertisement about candidating for Elections and I thought that I would do a good job there.

How would you describe your time in the Student Parliament?

If anything it was very informative, because you get to see how the money is spendal, you’ll see what the structure looks like. Most of the students don’t have any idea how many committees we have and what they actually do. Before I came to Student Union I barely even understood the structure of the Student Union itself nevermind the whole university. I understand a lot more of the organisational work and how things are handled.

What has been the most interesting part of the work in the Student Parliament?

I would say most recently was when we were choosing the „Aasta parimad“, student of the year and student deed of the year. And it’s really interesting to me that we are equipped with this trust. Basically, we are the voice of students that chooses what is the best and to me it was actually really interesting.

When we talk about work in the Student Parliament. What has been the biggest difference between your expectations and Reality?

I expected to be more hands on work and interacting constantly. I thought it would be more student centered. Although, once I came here I understood the whole concept and it makes total sense that the Student Parliament is something else. And student activism is a little bit different.

What kind of student is suitable for working in the Student Parliament?

I think the first and foremost you have to have a good sense of responsibility. you should be a type of person who is able to take on things, take on workload which you intend to finish. I think it’s very important. You should be motivated to represent the people you’re studying with. You should be sort of the person that you would see yourself to put your trust in.

Why should a TalTech student apply for the Student Parliament? What does it provide to student?

Lots of things. To be more precise I would say that it’s a great experience and a good challenge for yourself. You are the person who speaks for those hundreds of students of your faculty and having that kind of responsibility in your life is challenging but refreshing.

Why should international students candidate to Student Parliament?

I think that with all the respect, Estonian members will do their best to represent our international students in a best way. But being a international student, we see things that you don’t and that’s a good reason why international students should candidate to Student Parliament. Work in Student Parliament gives you a good idea what the challenges are around you. If you candidate and you will get elected you will do yourself a favor and you will do a favor for every International student in your faculty.

What would you like to say to other TalTech students?

I would like the students to be more engaged of what we do, because when we try to do something, for example HKT, what you see is that student engagement is very low. i have had so many conversations and everyone in concerned, everyone wants to change something and everyone has something to complain about but yet the engagement is so low. So I hope the students should be more active and put more trust in Student Union because we’re trying to do a lot.


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