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Recognition of teaching staff

On October 5th, on Teacher's Day, the TalTech Student Union, in cooperation with the student councils of the faculties, announced the selected teachers who have caught the eye of students. The basis for the recognition was the feedback questionnaire from graduates, input from the Education Quality Working Groups, and the 'Recognize a Teacher' survey.

This year, six categories were chosen for recognizing teachers:

  1. Most Youthful Teacher - awarded to a teacher who understands the unique needs, interests, and challenges of young people and uses modern tools to make learning more understandable for them.

  2. Most Knowledgeable Teacher - awarded to a teacher with outstanding expertise in their field and the ability to effectively convey their knowledge to students.

  3. Best Feedback-Giving Teacher - awarded to a teacher who provides comprehensive and constructive feedback to students regularly, motivating them to improve their academic performance.

  4. Inclusive Teacher - awarded to a teacher who can motivate students to actively participate in the learning process.

  5. Innovative Teacher - awarded to a teacher whose lectures and teaching materials are up-to-date and who employs innovative and effective teaching methods.

  6. Teacher of the Year - awarded to a teacher who excels in multiple categories and demonstrates exceptional dedication to teaching.

We would like to sincerely thank you on behalf of the students for your dedication in imparting knowledge!

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Most Youthful Teacher - Rutt Hints

Rutt Hints can clearly and in detail convey the subject matter, making lectures informative and enjoyable. She is always helpful and available to students.

Most Knowledgeable Teacher - Alar Leibak

Alar Leibak has excellent command of the subjects he teaches. He employs various methods to engage students, ensuring that none of his lectures are boring. He can make even the most complex topics clear, and all questions receive answers.

Most Inclusive Teacher - Riina Aav

Riina Aav is a caring and inspiring teacher. She actively involves students in discussions, encouraging everyone to think more in class. She sparks interest in the subject matter and is very cheerful and helpful.

Most Innovative Teacher - Maria Cecilia Sarmiento Guerin

A highly motivating and knowledgeable teacher, whose classes always incorporate current information. She puts a lot of effort into finding relevant articles, presents topics effectively, and makes her lectures interesting.

Teacher of the Year - Marju Laasik

Marju Laasik is an excellent teacher who creates a safe learning environment. She is warm and attentive, always ready to answer any questions.

Faculty of Engineering

Most Youthful Teacher - Jüri Kurvits

Jüri Kurvits always creates a positive atmosphere in class. His classes are well-prepared, assignments are engaging, and he is willing to review challenging topics, motivating students to put in more effort.

Most Knowledgeable Teacher - Margus Müür

Margus Müür is a dedicated teacher who always prepares well and makes every lesson enjoyable. He encourages students to participate actively, ask questions, and expand their knowledge.

Best Feedback-Giving Teacher - Priit Luhakooder

Priit Luhakooder can quickly and effectively solve complex problems and has an excellent grasp of his field. He is approachable and explains even the most confusing methods clearly in student-friendly terms. His feedback is always prompt and relevant.

Inclusive Teacher - Reeli Kuhi-Thalfeldt

Reeli Kuhi-Thalfeldt skillfully motivates students to participate. Her classes involve lively discussions, with students taking an active role in acquiring new knowledge together.

Innovative Teacher - Airi Noppel

Airi Noppel makes every class captivating, and her flexible approach allows students to freely express their thoughts and ideas. She uses innovative and inclusive methods that make the subject matter engaging. Teamwork allows for quick feedback from fellow students in addition to the teacher.

Teacher of the Year - Mart Saarna

Mart Saarna is enthusiastic about sharing his extensive knowledge. His lectures are comprehensive and understandable, and his practical sessions are both educational and interesting, motivating students to learn.

Faculty of Economics

Best Feedback-Giving Teacher - Raili Lahi

Raili Lahi's feedback is always quick and thorough. She responds to students even late in the evening to encourage them to strive for excellence and reach their full potential.

Inclusive Teacher - Paavo Siimann

Paavo Siimann is a teacher who captivates everyone in his class. His fantastic teaching methods are engaging, and students absorb knowledge almost effortlessly.

Most Knowledgeable Teacher - Kristjan Liivamägi

Kristjan Liivamägi's knowledge knows no bounds, and he can answer any question without hesitation. His expertise inspires students to make the most of their learning.

Most Youthful Teacher - Katrin Arvola

Katrin Arvola seems to get younger with time. Her interactive teaching methods encourage students to get more involved. She is a true ambassador for her subjects, leaving no one unimpressed.

Innovative Teacher - Kristo Krumm

Kristo Krumm's energy warms up the entire classroom. He encourages students to participate actively and speak up. He also adapts his teaching to the changing world.

Teacher of the Year - Pawan Kumar Dutt

Pawan Kumar Dutt is always very passionate and inspires students from every faculty. He knows how to explain every topic and motivates students to take their education to the next level.

Faculty of Information Technology

Most Youthful Teacher - Andres Käver

This teacher, always wearing sneakers, has more to offer in life than the scope and duration of his subjects allow. He is a master juggler, balancing work, school, and family life. Despite all this, he has time to chat with students after classes and share life advice. He has a great sense of humor that provides relief even in tense exam atmospheres.

Most Knowledgeable Teacher - Erki Eessaar

Erki Eessaar is very dedicated and student-centered, valuing individualized learning. His teaching materials are structured, and knowledge flows seamlessly as if pieces of a puzzle. Students have also noticed his encouraging words during project presentations.

Best Feedback-Giving Teacher - Kaido Kikkas

Kaido can adapt well to individuals across the entire spectrum and tailor the teaching to their needs. As a lecturer, Kaido expects independent thinking from students, not blind agreement with his assessments. He values individual feedback, and due to his personal and enthusiastic approach, every student wants him as their supervisor.

Inclusive Teacher - Innar Liiv

Innar is a true professional in his field, and his enthusiasm for teaching is motivating for all students. The experienced mariner is very helpful and always finds logical and simple answers to even the most complex questions, inspiring students to learn and experiment with various solutions.

Innovative Teacher - Kristiina Hakk

She not only loves her job but does it with passion. She always has a great mood, and her ability to make a classroom of three hundred students laugh or be quiet is remarkable. She constantly invents new methods to engage students in independent learning and achieve better results.

Teacher of the Year - Ago Luberg

No matter who you ask, Ago is always described as a superstar in his field. This teacher stands out across the entire university with his inspiring speeches and innovative teaching methods. He always seeks ways to improve his subjects and broadens his students' horizons by organizing various outings. According to students, Ago is 'chill,' always accessible, and incredibly helpful.

Estonian Maritime Academy

Most Youthful Teacher - Loreida Timberg

Loreida's lectures are exciting, interactive, and linked to real life, involving top experts in her field to inspire students. Unlike most teachers who provide feedback to students, she treats students as colleagues and constantly seeks the perspective of young people on how to make lessons even better and more memorable.

Most Knowledgeable Teacher - Yrjö Saarinen Yrjö Saarinen's extensive knowledge and experience surpass the entire Estonian Maritime Academy community. He not only shares nuggets of wisdom but also ensures that students understand the underlying processes, providing comprehensive answers to all questions.

Best Feedback-Giving Teacher - Anna Saksa The teacher's feedback is always fast, concise, and relevant. When teaching, she approaches students according to their needs, even using multiple languages. In her classes, she not only creates a positive learning environment herself but is also accompanied by a little dog!

Inclusive Teacher - Olev Tõnismaa Olev is a complete professional in his field, and his dedication to teaching is motivating for all students. The experienced seafarer is very helpful and always finds logical and simple answers to even the most complex questions, inspiring students to learn and experiment with various solutions.

Innovative Teacher - Dan Heering Dan Heering's innovative and inclusive approach to the learning process encourages students to think broadly about their daily habits. Theoretical knowledge is supported by various practical tasks related to current events. He works with passion and creates a very open and pleasant communication environment for students during lectures.

Teacher of the Year - Anatoli Alop Anatoli Alop is an extremely pleasant teacher who is highly regarded by both undergraduate and graduate students. This person can even make the driest cases and paragraphs exciting, and students hope to see more of him in their future studies!


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