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The results of the Student Parliament Elections 2023

TalTech Student Parliament Elections took place March 1-22, 2023. All TalTech students had the opportunity to apply from February 6 to 22. There were a total of 23 candidates across the five faculties: 6 in the School of Engineering, 5 in Estonian Maritime Academy, 4 in the School of Science, 4 in the School of IT and 4 in the School of Business and Governance.

There are 15 members in the Student Parliament, and the mandates were distributed among the faculties as follows: four mandates each for the School of Engineering and IT, three mandates for the School of Business and Governance, and two mandates each for the School of Science and the Estonian Maritime Academy.

One of the candidates from the School of IT, Karoliina Rebane, gave up her place in the Student Parliament because she was elected as a member of the board of the student body in the field of education. Since the number of candidates in the School of IT was equal to the number of mandates, the replacement mandate was distributed based on a general ranking covering all faculties, and it went to a candidate from the School of Science.

For the first time, the elections were held in the Student Portal. The elections were very successful in terms of voter turnout: this year’s voter turnout of 11% is the highest it's been for the last five years. This year's elections were remarkably successful for the Maritime Academy - they almost quadrupled last year's voter turnout. In addition to EMERA, the School of Engineering and the School of Business and Governance also had the highest voter turnout in the last five years.

The new membership was announced on March 29, at the Student Parliament’s thank-you event.

Members of the Student Parliament 2023/2024:

  1. Madis Hendrik Muru, School of Engineering

  2. Anet Marii Paumets, School of Engineering

  3. Birgit Russka, School of Engineering

  4. Kristiina Tammik, School of Engineering

  5. Eliise Marta Einpaul, School of Information Technologies

  6. Tsun Sing Jason Fong, School of Information Technologies

  7. Ragnar Kramm, School of Information Technologies

  8. Daniel Aasorg, School of Business and Governance

  9. Ana Koiava, School of Business and Governance

  10. Villy Tammer, School of Business and Governance

  11. Rudolf Bellen, Estonian Maritime Academy

  12. Helene Armilde Kudre, Estonian Maritime Academy

  13. Anna Jürissaar, School of Science

  14. Diana Maslova, School of Science

  15. Jan-Erik Vaher, School of Science

On the first weekend of April, the new Student Parliament members went on a trip to Valgehobusemäe, where they got to know each other and learned more about their responsibilities.

The first meeting of the new Student Parliament membership takes place on April 11 at 6 PM room U01-227/228.

The agenda includes:

I Reports

1. Regular report of the board of the student council

2. Overview of the Education Quality Working Group

II Discussions

3. Second reading of TalTech student mental health views

4. Second reading of the amendments to the student life funding regulation

5. Discussions related to the position of the chairman of the student council

Come as a free listener to find out what exciting things are being done in the representative assembly!


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